March 21st, 2016

*Great job to everyone on 16.4! Don’t forget to submit your scores before 8pm on Monday night!

*If you are planning to repeat 16.4 today/tonight, I would recommend going with the plan we put forth on Friday, including 10-15 minutes of “cool down” on the bike or rower (again, don’t forget to submit your score!!).

*If you are “one and done,” complete the workout for today, being careful to avoid any movements or loading that feel particularly sore or funky. Our main goal over these 5 weeks is to have the best performance possible on Friday and/or Monday, so keep that in focus as you train over the course of the week.

A. Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets):
High Hang Clean + Hang Clean + Jerk

Build in load over the course of the 6 sets to something decently heavy for today

B. Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes:
Odd Minutes: 5 Thrusters @115-155/85-105*
Even Minutes: 2-4 Muscle Ups
*Go up or down in weight as you feel; goal is solidly efficient, heavy reps

Rest 2 minutes, then…

C. Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes:
Odd Minutes: 5 Power Cleans*
Even Minutes: 10 Burpees Over the Barbell
*Same protocol here as the Thrusters; challenge yourself, but keep it crisp

C. Three sets of:
Strict Weighted Pull-ups x 4-6 reps @21X0
Rest 60 seconds
Dumbell Bench Press x 8-10 reps @20X1
Rest 60 seconds
Face-Up Chinese Plank x 60 seconds
Rest 60 seconds



  1. A. 115,135,155,175,185,195
    B. All thrusters at 115 with 3 mu’s
    C. 3 sets at 115, 3 at 135
    D. ✅
    Shoulder and hamstrings are a bit sore



  2. A. Up to 133

    Took a 13 minute break to judge Erin on 16.4. Way to go Erin and Alyssa

    B. 83,88,93,98,103,103
    Tried for 2 MU each round but was failing the second on some. Feel super out of practice. I think it’s been about a month since I’ve done these.

    C. Skipped.

    D. Mostly done

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  3. A. 75/85/95/105/115/125
    B. 85# thrusters; worked on MU transitions
    C. First 3 sets at 105, last 3 sets at 115
    D. 3 strict regular pull ups at tempo. 35# DB.

    Need to work on those noodly arms of mine!



  4. A. Worked up to 138
    Judged Alyssa, who crushed it (so did Erin)
    B. Mu:4,4,3,3,2,3
    Thrusters: 83,88,93,98,103,103
    C. Skipped for time constraints
    D. Pull-ups: 4 @25 all 3 rds
    Db bench: 35, 45, 45
    Plank: done



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