16.3 Thoughts & Suggestions

Workout 16.3 (RX)

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
10 Power Snatches
3 Bar Muscle-ups

Men use 75 lb.
Women use 55 lb.

  1. First off, if you struggle with Bar Muscle Ups, or have yet to get your first one, working the technique on this is the first priority.  There are tons of videos and tutorials out there, but here are a few of the best:

Also, check here:



2. If you are proficient with the BMUs, then this workout is ALL about pacing.  This is the fastest-paced workout so far, but that doesn’t mean it should be frantic.  Steady, methodical work will be what gets the most reps done in the 7 minutes.  You always have the last 2 minutes to turn up the heat if you still have it left, but you can’t un-ring the bell of coming out too hot too fast (ala Nick Palladino in the announcement show)

3. Along with pacing, the only other way you can maximize your performance here is to maximize your efficiency in each of the movements.  For most folks, who will be doing whatever possible to get over the bar on the Muscle-Ups, the Power Snatch is where your energy will be saved or wasted.  Big ticket items here:

  • Keep the bar close to the body on the way up AND THE WAY DOWN.  Check the Outlaw video below (around the 7 minute mark) to learn about pulling the elbows down first, then quickly turning over and re-gripping at the hip.  This saves a lot of eccentric loading, and prevents you from “looping” the bar away on the descent
  • Try to open the hands at the top of each rep (this requires pushing the palms up), to give the grip a break during reps.  Also, there’s no need to grip overly tight here, as the bar should be relatively light for anyone doing this.
  • Keep the weight in the heels and “jump” the bar up, as opposed to muscle snatching every rep.  More speed on the bar means less time that you’re actually pulling, and you can always pause at the top (as mentioned above), to maintain a smooth rhythm and prevent going too fast

Outside of these general considerations, I’d give the following tips:

Warm-up: Aerobic in nature to start, working toward some higher power pieces (30 seconds hard on the Assault Bike, 1 minute rest, 4-5 sets).  Plenty of overhead and thoracic mobility here, similar to what was laid out for 16.1. Running through a couple of abbreviated rounds at “game pace,” then resting a few minutes before hitting it for real should be a good protocol here.

Re-dos: If getting the best possible score in the Open is a top priority for you, and your shoulders can handle the volume of Muscle Ups that you are able to get through in your first attempt, then there is no reason why you can’t make a second attempt at this one on Sunday or Monday.  Use your first try as a guideline, even going so far as to review what your splits  were for each completed round.  Any big variations from round to round will mean that you most likely started too fast, which can be fixed on the second go-round.

Cooldown: As always, spend some time flushing out after the working on the Assault Bike, as this will greatly help with your recovery.

There’s really not much more to say on this one: know your engine, don’t redline too early, and keep the movements as smooth as possible. For a more in-depth breakdown of the movements, check out the Outlaw Way video below.

Good luck everyone on 16.3!

Outlaw Way 16.3 – Strategy and Tips from The Outlaw Way on Vimeo.


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