March 2, 2016

A. Every 2 minutes x 3 sets:
High Hang Snatch x 3 reps

immediately followed by…

Every 2 minutes x 3 sets:
Hang Snatch (mid-thigh) x 2 reps

immediately followed by…

Every 2 minutes x 3 sets:
Snatch x 1 rep

*Build over the 9 sets, with focus on technique and speed

B. Three sets of:
Seated DB Strict Press x 6-8 reps @2011
Rest 45-60 seconds
Single Arm DB Row x 8-10 reps/arm @2111
Rest 45-60 seconds
GHD Hip Extensions x 10-12 reps @3011
Rest 45-60 seconds

30 second Assault Bike @90%
30 second Rest
x 8

Rest 4 minutes, then…

30 second Row @ 90%
30 second Rest
x 8

*Goal is same pace/RPMs for all working sets of each modality



  1. A) 115×3
    190 PR
    B) done
    C) not sure about cal. Battery died in bike. All 8 sets done tho
    Rows- 155m-160-155-153-152-154-149-150

    Wasn’t feeling to bad today.

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  2. A. 115-195lb
    Snatched feeling good. Happy 195 is becoming a regular thing.

    B1. 35-45lb
    B2. 70lb
    B3. Complete
    Focused on the movement and tempo here. I feel the lockout and shoulder strength improving.

    86 cal (~70 rpm)

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  3. Feeling pretty sick. Very little strength. Just tried to move around after the snatches and flush out some soreness and chest tightness.

    A. Couldn’t hit anything higher than 175.
    B. Done. 45# press and 50# row
    C. 70 cals- just tried to maintain a breathable/elevated HR pace.
    D. 1166 m — same thing here. Tough, but breathable.



  4. A. Shit show! Could load my hamstrings and everything felt super heavy! 95-155
    B1 45# x3
    B2 50×1 70×2
    B3 done
    C. Forgot to tack cals but I kept the watts 425-495 all 8 rounds
    D. 137, 137, 136, 134, 134, ,137, 137, 139
    Glad for rest day tomorrow! Wasn’t really excited to workout today…



  5. A.
    155-165-175-180(10# pr) Was feeling good so went for it-thanks Mr. Mars for the encouragement.
    B. 45 for press and row
    C. Didn’t keep track of each round but stayed between 11-13 cals on the bike and at a 1:45/500m pace on the rower.

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  6. Sorry I’ve been forgetting to post lately. Other than Friday’s workout (which I was super happy about the way it went!!) I haven’t been feeling so hot at the gym. I’ve been working stupid hours for work and have been stressed and under a lot of pressure – so thanks to you guys for cheering me up when I get to the gym 🙂 I’ll work on leaving all this at the door when I show up from now on.

    A: 53, 63, 70 / 73, 83, 88 / 93, 103, 103
    B: 25 for press, 35 for row
    C: 10 cals all the way through/about 128m, 129m, 127m, 126m, 128m, 128m, 127m, 129m

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  7. A. 63, 73, 83/ 88, 93, 98/ 103, 108, 113
    B. 30# for both
    C. 8 cals for 6rds, 7 cals for 2rds (rds 5&6). very tired legs.
    8 cals all the way through.



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