February 20th, 2016

A. Take 15-20 minutes to build to today’s 1-RM Back Squat;
Then, 3 x 1 @ 90%

B. 30 Minute AMRAP @80%:
Run 300 Meters
2 Rope Climbs
10 Meter Handstand Walk
Row 400 Meters
12 Walking Lunges w/Dumbbells or Kettlebells

C. Rest up and come into next week feeling fresh– physically and mentally– to do your best work on Friday



  1. A. 350
    If memory serves me correctly this is a 5lb PR. I haven’t hit a squat PR since 2012.

    B. 4 rounds + 300m + 2 RC + HS practice + 300m

    Subbed a minute or so of HS practice for HS walks. Congrats on all PRs!

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  2. A. 255 (a 5 lb PR) ALMOST had 260 (I have video evidence) but got completely stuck about 90% of the way up.
    Forgot about the 3 sets of 1 lol oops.
    B. 4 rounds even. A few seconds left on the clock didn’t want to start a run obvs.

    So proud of everyone today! Such beasts!

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  3. A. Hit 320#. 5# PR. Haven’t been closer than 15# off 315 since I hit it in august..so I’m incredibly happy. Needed this. Thanks JPeso for telling me to take another crack at it.
    Singles done at 285. Activating both legs prior to squatting was huge.

    B. 5 rounds + 158m kn rower. Really stayed at 80%. Never felt my heart race and just stayed at a nice pace and kept a relaxed breathing pattern. Needed to sweat out some (down east cider, paid plug)cider and use the Allies Donuts carbs (sponsor un paid plug (working on this endorsement))
    Used 24KG bells for lunges.

    Did an EMOM6 of 30 DU for some mental positivity practice afterwards to with jake. Great day of training, which you can probably tell by now when I ramble on my post.

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  4. A. 215 post-surgery pr! This is technically five pounds under my all time pr, but I’m putting it in the win column!
    3×1 at 95
    B. 3 + a bunch of stuff + 44m rowing
    I probably chilled more on this than I was supposed to. Took a few breaks to watch pr attempts and hand out post-pr hugs! Congrats everyone!

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  5. A) 390 (20# PR) had a go at 400 but, nope. Real happy with this. Didn’t see this coming at all.
    B) we were real short on time and ended up hitting a AMRAP15 with 400m run, 2RCs, 8 deficit hspus, 10 KBs (70). Worked at 85%. Felt good to get outside but wet shoes made the rope a little tricky.

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