February 13th, 2016

A. Back Squat; build to a 3-RM for the day, then 3 sets of 3 @ 90% of today’s 3-RM

B. Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
1 Ground to Overhead (185/125 lb)
1 Box Jump (30/24″)
2 Ground to Overhead
2 Box Jumps
3 Ground to Overhead
3 Box Jumps
and so on…

Rest until the clock reaches 10:00, then…

C. Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
10 Calories Assault Bike
10 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (60-70/40-50)

Rest until the clock reaches 20:00, then…

D. Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
Row 500 Meters
20 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
Bar-Facing Burpees x Max Reps



  1. A. 295, hit a double at 310(oox). Thought I had it after getting a 4rm at 295 last week. Sets at 265

    B. Got to 5 cleans + 1 box jump – these were heavy, had to rest a lot.
    C. 3rds+2
    D. 40 Burpees – cleans went a lot faster than I expected, felt pretty light. I had about 2 min for the burpees.



  2. A. 230, was shooting for 225 so, happy with this!
    Skipped B-D, decided to do some ASS bike and rowing to get a sweat on. Very drowsy today and run down, happy I pushed through this week but had no motivation for impact. Glad with how this week felt regardless. Currently watching the group kill it right now! Great job everyone!

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  3. A. 315x3x1, 285x3x3
    Felt good here. Been a while since I squatted this heavy. Been making it a habit to really prime up the posterior chain for this stuff. Feel much better.

    B. 4 rounds + 1 G2O
    Warmed up to a power clean push jerk at 205 then hit it. Shoulder to overhead feeling better.

    C. 3 rounds + 10 cals
    Kept the RPMs consistent. Snatches slowed me down.

    D. 23 OTB burpees
    Easy 1:45 pace on the row… cleans unbroken. Had a little under 2:30 left for the burpees but couldn’t keep it together. I feel pretty out of shape with these heavy breathing pieces.

    Good sesh with Emma and Nic, even though I went solo on the AMRAPS.

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  4. A. 255×3, 270 oox, 275 oox. Damn.

    B. 4 + 3 CJ (these felt so awful today)
    C. 4 rounds flat at 60#
    D. 31 burpees. Felt alright. 10-6-4 on hang cleans.

    Overall very sluggish today after terrible nights sleep. Hope to recover better tonight and Sunday for Monday.



  5. A. 390×3 (5#PR) then 3×3 at 350
    B. 5 + 6 G2OH
    C. 40 cals + 1 snatch @ 70#
    D. 27 burpees

    – quads were absolutely smoked coming in today. Unexpected PR with the squats, but the conditioning pieces really had me burning early in the sets. Very solid week overall. Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.



  6. A. 235×3
    ALMOST had it for a triple
    B. 5+1 G2O
    C. 2+10+2 (45#) Died on the bike here.
    D. 9 Burpees. Got super nauseated after part 2 so part 3 was super slow. Closest to puking I’ve ever been.

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  7. A. 315x3x1 then my 90%’s at 285x3x3
    B. 4 even rounds…
    ran out of time, had to leave for a funeral. I dilly dally to much ☹️. Overall didn’t get enough sleep and went in after work I was drained. Back at it Monday. Good job this week guys/girls!
    Ps: have fun this weekend 😉

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  8. A) 225-275-315-335×3
    B) 3+10
    29 burpees
    Legs were completely dead today. Skipped last 3 sets of back squats.
    Conditioning wasn’t to bad. Kept a steady pace. Maybe could have pushed a little harder

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  9. A. 395×3, 355x3x3
    *legs didn’t feel sore going into this but they definitely felt fatigued once I got under the bar.

    B. 6 rounds
    *cj felt pretty good! Was able to use the dip from the power clean to go into a push jerk.
    C. 4 rounds +7 cals #60
    D. 27 burpees



  10. Forgot to post on Saturday…
    A) 325×3
    B) 6+3 (kept moving on the jumps and tried to catch a rhythm on the C&Js and kept grabbing that bar)
    C) 3+18 (15 cal on the AD)
    D) 21 burpees (500 in 1:46, 18-2 on the HPCs – grip went, 2:06 for burpees and I died)



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