February 6th, 2016

A. Back Squat; build to a 4-RM for the day, then 3 sets of 4 @ 90% of today’s 4-RM

B. Complete 15, 12, and 9 rep rounds for time of:
Squat Cleans @165/115
Ring Dips

Rest until the clock reaches 10:00, then…

C. Complete 21, 15, and 9 rep rounds for time of:
Power Snatch @95/65
Burpees to 6″

Rest until the clock reaches 20:00, then…

D. Complete 42, 30, and 18 rep rounds for time of:
Wall Balls (20/14 lb.)
Calorie Row

*For Parts B and C, under 7 minute should be the goal, with 8 minutes being a legit cap. Scale the weights as necessary to achieve this.



  1. A) 245 for 2 sets, 255 for 1 set. Not a positive for the ankle so stopped there. That being said the ankle has held up for the most part

    B) 7:01
    C) 8:06 (went over the 8:00 cap but only had 2 reps to go so had to finish)
    D) 13:17 of hell for now



  2. A. 375/3×4 @ 340 – legs didn’t feel great, but happy to go still go little heavier than last week.
    B. 6:52
    C. 8:55
    D. 10:40

    — this was absolutely brutal. The first round was the worst for each one. Slowly opened up after that. Happy to have mentally grind my way through this. Looking forward to the day off tomorrow!



  3. A. 295 then 3×4 @ 265 (I thought I put 285 on the bar, but my math skillz…)
    B. 7:30 rx
    C. Got to 12+ 5 and hit the 8:00 cap. This didn’t go so well. Looking at the workout I didn’t think I needed to scale, but maybe should have.
    D. 11:59



  4. A) built up to 225. Did the sets at 205.
    B) about 8:30. Squat cleans at 155. This was heavy but I was doing pretty well making up time on the dips.
    C) got thru the 15 snatches at around 8 mins so I moved on to the next round. I thought 95 wouldn’t be so bad, I was wrong. Moved thru the burpees slower than I thought I would too.
    D) 16:05 with a 14 wallball.
    Today showed that I definitely have some work to do on pacing and stamina, with the limited rest between rounds.



  5. A. 225 for a 4 RM
    3×4 @ 200
    B. Up to 7 cleans in the round of 9
    C. Up to 12 snatches in the round of 15
    D. 13:02

    The strength portion felt good, but I got my ass handed to me on the metcons, especially B and C. Very poor showing for me today. No energy or motivation coming in and felt super dehydrated (excuses, excuses). Hopefully I’m fitter for it anyway!



  6. A. 285×4, 260x4x3
    B. 57 reps
    C. 60 reps
    D. 13:58

    I got absolutely throttled today. Tough week for me. Look forward to a day of recovery.



  7. Forgot to post on Saturday…
    A) 315×4 (legs were tired) had to skip sets due to time constraints.
    B) 63 reps (still had the 9 ring dips at the 8 min mark)
    C) 91 reps (still had the 9 burpees at the 18 min mark)
    D) 13:04

    BOOF. this still has me beat up.



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