January 16th, 2016

A. Every 4 minutes, for 16 minutes (4 sets) for times:
Assault Bike 25/20 Calories
20/15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Rest 5 minutes, then..

B. Every 3 minutes, for 15 minutes (5 sets) for times:
Row 250/200 Meters
5 Hang Squat Cleans (155/105)
15/10 Ring Dips

Rest 5 minutes, then…

C. Two rounds for time of:
60/50 Calorie Row
30 Shoulder to Overhead (115/175 lb)
20 Burpees to 6″

D1. Reverse Snow Angels: 15-20 reps; slow and contolled; Rest 60 seconds x 3
D2. Glute-Ham Raises @30X1; 6-8 reps; Rest 60 seconds x 3
D3. Hollow Hold/Rock x 45-60 seconds; Rest 60 seconds x 3

-Scale the Chest-to-Bars and Rings Dips as necessary so that you have at least 90 seconds/45 seconds of rest each set, respectively.



  1. A. 2:31/2:34/2:57/2:52
    B. 2:03/2:04/1:56/2:10/2:46
    C. 14:20
    D. Couldn’t get off the floor.

    Today was…….. A lot. The pull ups were bad, the E3M15M was BRUTAL, and 120 cals of rowing is about as torturous as it gets. Tried to open with 10 pull ups and chip away from there. First few sets on the rings were tough, but went UB on last 3 sets. Hang cleans felt good. Lots of quad cramping on the row and PP. tried to use second row to figure out the minimal effort per pull to still get a cal/pull. PP in sets of 20/10. Burpees slow and steady, probably felt better second time with burpees.



  2. A. 2:28,2:57,3:25,3:54
    B. 2:23,2:03,2:12,2:14,2:16
    C. 17:35

    This was a lot, and very mentally tough to get through. I was convinced going into each piece I couldn’t keep moving, but I chipped away.

    Part A was probably the worst, and set me up to feel like ass going into B. 20 cals just got slower and slower.

    B wasn’t terrible. Managed the 10 dips UB each time, but legs were toast and I ended up breaking the cleans 3/2.

    C was just…awful.



  3. A. 2:26, 2:24, 2:53, 3:21
    B. 2:11, 2:18, 2:17, 2:17, 2:20 (Sets of 5 on the dips, 15 dips every time. Did Hang Squat cleans UB. Except one set I fell forward.
    C. 16:21 Rx. (did 10-10-5-5) then (10-8-7-5) Shoulder to overhead didn’t feel that bad which was nice, but this was a GRIND. Mentally so exhausting.
    Today made me stronger mentally but I cussed at Adam multiple times during this workout.

    D. Couldn’t muster the energy.



  4. I was feeling pretty beat up from the Olympic Lifting yesterday, so I did what I could for this workout today. Really humid here in Florida, but the rain helps keep you cooled down.

    A. 6:42 (Did my first chest to bar pull ups for the first 5 reps, then switched to regular pull ups)
    6:40 (Did 10 regular pull ups before they went away and I kept no-repping myself, so I switched to ring rows for the last 10)
    5:58 (ring rows)
    5:45 (ring rows)

    B. Ring dips are too much for me right now so I scaled to stationary dips with a red band (1″)
    Hang squat cleans I did at 95# in singles.
    4:02, 4:06, 5:21 (really died here), 4:41, 4:48

    C. Couldn’t will myself to do this piece as prescribed, so I did it as 40 calories, 20 shoulder to overhead, and 10 regular burpees. I did the shoulder to overhead at 65#. It took me 12:24, so I was happy to have one of the faster times again.

    D. Did this piece but subbed Glute-Hams with Good Mornings.

    Glad for a rest day!




    A. 1:58, 2:09, 2:53, 3:13
    Pullups in sets of 2-3. All butterfly.

    B. 2:56, 2:20, 2:31, 2:37, 2:48 (15)

    C. 23:16
    So sad.

    D. Complete



  6. A. Didn’t record my times was too disoriented
    B. Averaged 2-2:30
    C. 15:42

    The first two I was just about getting through for me, I still felt very gross from this cold. The last part didn’t hurt as much as I thought just tried to grind through.



  7. A. 2:18, 2:57, 2:40 (7 pullups), x – this felt awful.
    B. 2:25(3dips), 2:15(0), 2:20(3), 2:18(6), 2:36(15) – the cleans are what got me, my legs were smoked and I could only do singles. The ring dips didn’t take very long, but I didn’t have time to do them.
    C. 19:50 – row was fine, but long. I tried to take it easy knowing what was next and it took 3:30-4 minutes, though the second row was more like active recovery than pulling for cals. Once I caught my breath around 30 cals, I was able to keep ~1cal/pull till the end. The shoulder to overhead is what took the most time. In the first round I went 10, 5, 5, 5, 5 and the second was 7, 3, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3. The burpees were fast, 30-45sec. I can push through body weight stuff, but the barbells….



  8. A.1:59 25/15, 2:10 25/15, 2:30 20/15, 2:38 20/15
    B. 1:40 15/Dip, 1:43 15/dip, 1:52 15/dip, 2:17 15/dip 2:25 15/dip
    C. 17:56 of pure hell!
    Part A I went hard on my first two rounds and died! First two rounds were 25 cals then dropped to 20. C2b I did 10+5 all rounds.
    Part B I read the blog wrong. Was wondering why I was finishing fast. Then realize they were hang SQUAT cleans 🙄 . My last two rounds were as prescribed. Dips were 10+5
    AND part C sucked! 60 cals = 1000 meter row! First round on the s2o 7,7,6,5,5 and last round 4,4,4,4,3,3,4,4



  9. First – I was pumped to actually be able to workout with all of you guys for once on a weekend!! Of course it had to be the most brutal workout of all time, but hey – at least i was in good company while I was suffering. hahah

    A: forgot to time the first one, 3:06, 3:10, 3:10 – Did 12 C2B for these so I could get at least 45 seconds of rest.
    B: 2:15, 2:25, 2:38, 2:57, 3:01. ring dips were rough. Also thought this was 3 sets, not 5, so my times suffered for the last two because I was not mentally prepared for two more sets. ooopppsieeessss.
    C: 16:00 – this was the only one I actually felt good on.



  10. A. I read this wrong and ended up doing 5 rounds at 3 min each. I only had time for 5-6 pull ups to get the 90 seconds of rest.
    B. Another fun 5 rounds. Had time for 7-8 dips with the 45 seconds rest.
    C. Approx. 17:50 (forgot to look at time because I thought i was dying). This was certainly challenging, legs felt pretty wiped.
    D. Ran out of time.



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