January 6th, 2016

Warm-up of choice, then…

Three sets, not for time:
1-4 Strict Muscle Ups (scale these to kipping if necessary)
10-20 Unbroken Toes to Bar (work on rhythm and efficiency)
10-15 Meter Handstand Walk


4 Minutes @ 80% effort:
7 Push Presses (115/75 lb)
7 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Rest 4 minutes

4 Minutes @ 90% effort:
10 Box Jumps (24/20″ step down)
10 Kettlebell Swings

Rest 8 minutes

4 Minutes @ 100% effort:
10 Thrusters (75/45 lb)
7 Burpees


– To give an understanding of pacing here, pretend that the first 4 minute piece is really 7-8 minutes long, the second piece is 5-6 minutes long, and then the last piece is 3 minutes long (but you have to push through for an extra minute).
– Please take care of your hands; if you need to practice using gloves or some other sort of hand-covering, get used to it now.



  1. No MU today. T2B unbroken, felt good.

    5+7 (16kg) LEGS
    I started out with the best intentions on the last part, but my shoulders were ON FIRE and I just couldn’t keep it together.

    Felt totally exhausted going into today. Glad this was a quick one, cause I need a good night of sleep tonight something fierce.



  2. 2 kipping MU/10 TTB/Freestanding handstand practice
    3 kipping MU/12 TTB/Freestanding handstand practice
    1 strict MU/12 TTB/Freestanding handstand practice


    I had trouble with every movement today. Shoulders feel pretty ravaged. Thankful to recover a bit tomorrow.



  3. strict mu (3/2/2)
    T2b (10/10/10)
    Handstand walks varied got up to 10m
    A. 3 rds
    B. 4+10 box jumps (16kg)
    C. 4+10 thrusters + 3 burpees
    Shoulders were toast. Fun quick day though I enjoyed the metcons!



  4. UB strict MU 4/4/4
    20 T2B
    15m HSW

    A. 5+3 RX
    B. 4+16 (2pood)
    C. 4 RX

    Everything felt good. I tried to pace like the instructions/tips said and it seemed to help. Just that last amrap seemed to destroy my quads and it was a grind to keep pushing though. I dropped the bar on 3rd of thrusters and I felt like weak sauce… Need to be mentally tough at that point. I really enjoyed these workouts though!



  5. A. 5+7

    B. 4+10+8

    C. 5+10+1

    Everything felt good today was feeling fresh and ready to hit it. Legs did say goodbye on Part b but they came back on C. Really had to dig deep to get the 10 thrusters and 1 burpee



  6. MU- 3 strict
    T2B- 10s
    HS walks- can get 7-12 “steps” semi consistently.

    A. 4+9
    B. 4+9
    C. 4+12

    Legs for me continue to be the struggle.As opposed to Jake, legs said goodbye on part B and never really came back for C.
    Much more pleased on pacing than the previous tempo work we’ve been doing- although Tom told me I should have had 5+ on C. Nothing like a good pick me up from your workout “buddy”



  7. 2 MU/15TTB/HSW practice.

    A. 4+7+5
    B. 5+10+8
    C. 5+2

    Felt pretty banged up today. Shoulders and quads are tight and sore. Looking to do some mobility and ROMWOD tomorrow because it’s good for my training and I love counted breathing and good for me for doing it.

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  8. Saved my shoulder and skipped the MU work. 20/15/15 TTB & HSW flops
    A) 4+4
    B) 4
    C) 4
    Despite taking yesterday off, legs were still yelling at me on B and C… I’m finding that I am comfortable with 80% and that 90% is where I live in nearly every WOD until I die and drop off. 100% in my world carries me for about a minute before I die. The idea of 4 mins at 100% is a mental and physical challenge that I’m not confident I’ll conquer but, I’m trying to give it hell.



  9. MU: 3, 3, 2
    TTB: 18, 13, 15
    HSW: 15, 15, 10 (i fell over)
    A. 5+1
    B. 4+10+5
    C. 4+1
    CTB felt great today. By part C, though, my shoulders were done and it was a struggle to get the bar over my head. I spaced out and thought it was 7 thrusters at some point and put the bar down and was almost face down on the floor before I remembered I had 3 more. I agree with Tom A, in my past training 100% was sprinting a 100m, which is over in only seconds, but I’m utterly destroyed. So I’m still not quite sure what 100% for 4min should feel like. Energy-wise I felt fine, but my muscles were giving out.



  10. Muscle up progression work…working with a small band.

    A. 3 + 7 thruster
    B. 4 + 2 box jump
    C. 4 + 3 thruster, amazing how bad a 45# thruster can feel on the 4th round.



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