December 23rd, 2015

*Hey guys,

I could/should have communicated better about this week.  These first couple of days are intended to introduce the structure for the next few weeks, and get you moving some decent weights in lower volume.  Thursday and Friday will both be Rest Days this week, though I encourage you to do something active on one of those days (it’s supposed to be near 70 degrees, so an easy run/hike would be perfect).  Saturday will ease you back in, then next Monday we are back in full effect, prepping for the Open (and pushing Jake to crush it at Wodapalooza at the end of January).

If I don’t see some of you, Merry Christmas! Enjoy the week with family and friends!

Row 300 Meters, then..
3 rounds of:
2-3 Turkish Get Ups each arm
10 Goblet Squats
10 Kettlebell Swings w/ 1-second hold overhead

3 sets @ 80% —> 90% —>  100% effort:
Row 500m
18 Burpees
18 Single Arm KB Clean & Jerk (24/16 kg) (9 reps/arm)
18 Wall Balls (30/20 lb)
85 Double Unders

Rest 4 min between sets

-The purpose of these sets are to show incremental effort. This means that set 2 MUST be faster than set 1, and set 3 MUST be faster than sets 1 & 2.



  1. Another day in SD.

    Round 1: 9:30
    Round 2: 8:11
    Round 3: 8:05

    Still struggling to find the right packing for these to get to round 3 with enough left in the tank to go faster. DUs really started to go in rd 3, everything else felt ok.



  2. 24kg/30lb


    I learned my lesson from last week. Went slow and steady on the first round to find a sustainable pace and tried to build from there. Felt OK. Maybe could have gone a tad harder but I didn’t want to blow up on the last round again.

    Merry Christmas everyone!



  3. Done with 24kg KB and 30# WB

    A. 7:00
    B. 6:38
    C. 6:03

    This week felt WAY better than last week. Thanks to James on the tip for KB C+J, done as 5/5/4/4. WB done as 10/8,12/6, UB. DU as 45/40, second set had a few trips, 83/2. Happy with how this went, especially going into two days of rest. Working the next to days at the hospital so I will try to move and at least ROMWOD each day. Finally HUGE shout out to CMarsh113 for SENDIN IT FOR THE BOYS and doing this piece with me AFTER he did 12 days of Christmas. So much fitness. Merry Christmas guys, except Emma, happy Hannukkah.

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  4. Did the 12 days of Christmas workout with the 4:30 class because it looked too fun to pass up (sorry Adam) 20:59 Rx. Goal next year, sub 18? Who knows.

    Then this:
    30# Wally ball
    35# KB (because of the 12 days of Christmas)





  5. Done with 23kg Kb and #30 wall ball

    A. 5:55
    B. 5:44
    C. 5:08

    Everything Unbroken except dubs

    Today I got to train with my good friends who I don’t see much, we hit this hard and it all felt great. However It was really hard to get faster on each set. Merry Christmas everyone!



  6. Used 24kg KB and 30# WB

    A. 6:49
    B. 6:26
    C. 6:05

    My pacing is awful. This felt more like 90%-95%/100%. Too fast on the first round then was stuck having to beat my times for the previous rounds. Unbroken C&J for all rounds, 10/8 WB for all rounds, Dubs 55/30, 67/13, 81/4.
    Thanks for letting me tag along Adam! Looking forward to it

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  7. This did not go well for me. Found myself resting/hunched over way too much. Rows and burpees were okay, but KB C&J felt awful (this was my first time doing this movement), and the 20# wall ball felt extra heavy today. DUs weren’t terrible, but every time I broke I spent way too long gathering myself to start again. Failed in the mental toughness arena today.

    1. 8:39
    2. 8:30
    3. 9:00



  8. 1. 8:30
    2. 7:50
    3. 7:25

    Pacing-wise this went better than last week and I was able to go faster each round. The DUs are still a struggle. I managed to do 40 UB each time (this is 15 more than my max unbroken that I found during testing, so I am improving), but then was only able to chip away slowly for the remaining 45 in sets of 4-10, which took forever.

    Happy non-denominational winter holiday. See you next year! I’ll miss you all [insert James van Der Beek crying GIF]

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  9. Did this today, was felling really sick yesterday, tried warming up and just felt gross. Did some of the brute strength gymnastics skills.

    Round 1: 8:20 (this felt smooth besides the dubs those are yuck.)
    Round 2: 8:08 ow
    Round 3: around 7:40 ish some lovely (it’s Christmas Eve I’m trying to be nice) person reset the clock mid round so I guesstimated what it would be based off of when I started ect.

    All in all this was fun after the fact but quite the grind. Miss training with the squad already.
    Merry Christmas everyone who celebrates!!



  10. 30# WB and 24kg KB
    Rd1- 8:33
    Rd2 – 7:55
    Rd3 – 7:21
    These are rough when closing with double unders seeing as they aren’t consistent for me and could easily make or break the rd for me if I can’t catch the rhythm and get some good sets in. Felt this week was much more controlled and steady paced through the first 2 rds and last round was definitely a push but, each of these rounds took me right around 2 mins to get thru the DUs…

    Merry Christmas All!



  11. I did not mix up the order of these….
    6:54, 6:57, 7:21.

    Well I clearly can’t figure out these pacing things. I was feeling comfortable with the AMRAPS we were doing a few weeks back. Came in with that mentality. Honestly, the 80% FELT like just that to me (80%). I maintained a pace, broke sets, was breathing ok. Then rd 2- row, burpees, c&j FELT faster. 30# wall balls are a struggle from a shoulder strength perspective and they jack up my heart rate quick but got through them- and yet my time was slower. The last round- I am learning that my hit the gas tends to be hitting the breaks. I am sure we’ll see a 21 next week – hoping to learn something from these last two weeks



  12. Warmup completed: 16kg

    1) 7:45
    2) 7:45
    3) 8:21 – really ran into trouble with double unders here; i just couldn’t at this point.
    -Still need to learn to slow down the first round.
    -Still having fun.

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