December 11th, 2015

*Just so you guys are clear: Full Range will be registering for the OPEX Winter Classic, so you don’t have to go and register yourself (we gotchu fam).

Optional AM Session:
Assault Bike 3 minutes Z1
Assault Bike 30 seconds @90% aerobic
Assault Bike 30 seconds @50%
x 10
Rest walk 5 minutes
x 3
Assault Bike 3 minutes Z1

Main Session
Crossover Symmetry or MisFit Shoulder Circuit
Three sets of:
Single Leg RDL (Unweighted or very light) x 6 reps/leg
10 Pull-ups

A. Take 10 minutes to find today’s max height seated box jump

B. Squat Clean x 1 + Front Squat x 2 (keep weight moderate focus on speed); Rest 60 sec x 10

C. 5 minute AMRAP:
10 Power Snatch 95/65#
10 Power Snatch 115/75#
10 Power Snatch 135/85#
10 Power Snatch 155/95#
10 Power Snatch 175/105#
10 Power Snatch 195/115#

D. EMOM x 15 minutes:
Min 1: 30 seconds max Strict HSPU
Min 2: 30 seconds of Hollow Rocks
Min 3: 30 seconds of Anterior-loaded Weighted Step Ups (no need to rush here)
(hug a heavy sandbag, D-Ball or med ball)


Muscle-Up Progression work

– No optional skill work tomorrow, so if you need the MU progression work, do it in place of part D (it’s that important).
– Keep it safe on Box Jumps
– Part B is REALLY for speed work; please don’t build to a max in this complex.



  1. A. Approximately 29 inches (24+2 25# plates + 1 10# plate). No failed attempts until 30″ and I just couldn’t get over that mental hurdle.
    B. Up to 143#
    C. 30 reps. 93 is usually where things start to fall apart for me, so I just tried to get through the first 3 weights as fast as possible.
    D. MU progression complete!



  2. A. Around 45″ (30″+4 45lb bumper plates). Failed an attempt at 47.5″ then called it. This was fun.

    B. 135-175lb
    Tried to stay as fast as possible here.

    C. 25 reps
    This was tough for me, I didn’t have much left in the tank here. Would have been happy to get through the set of 135lb.

    D. Complete.
    4 HSPU negatives (4-5 seconds)
    Step ups were somewhere between 16-18″ with a 60b sand bag
    I lost track of my reps here. Just moved the entire 30 seconds.



  3. Bit of an overload today should make for an interesting day tomorrow. Joined our 6am class for a team wod, did full range after and then had a fundraising wod tonight.

    A) n/a
    B) 165 for first 5, 185 for 2nd 5
    C) 32 reps (disappointing. 95: UB, 115: 6+4, 135: 3+3+1+1+1+1, 155: 2 singles)
    D) a little all over the place with this sequence. Hit 17 strict HSPU on 1st :30, then 12 (4:00 mark), then 8 (next time around on HSPU). Switched to UB muscle ups (as I need work there) next sequences. Hollows were fine. Did a 70# DB for step ups.

    A bit of a tough week overall. Poor sleep, kids are sick, battling a cold…yadda yadda.



  4. A. 44″
    B. 135×2 155×3 165×3 175×2
    Wrist hurt so had to be careful
    C. 31 reps. Hit my goal of getting a rep at 155, but could have done more had I not nailed myself in the goods…that hurt and took 30 seconds away from me.
    D. 5 HSPU
    Hollow rocks done for 30 seconds
    20″ box, 60# sand bag, just moved for 30 seconds

    Really fun time tonight!



  5. AM Session:
    Watts between 442-460

    Main Session

    A. 46″
    B. 135,155,165,175,185, 195x5x1
    C. 41 reps
    D. 10 HSPU
    Hollow rocks done for 30 seconds
    20″ box, 60# sand bag, just moved for 30 seconds



  6. AM Session:
    Complete, kept a pretty consistent pace but maybe could have gone harder
    A. 36″
    B. 83-133, felt fast
    C. 37 reps
    D. Between 2-4 hspu’s each time
    Hollow rocks: 30 sec
    20″ box with 40 lb dumbbell

    Fun training session! Gotta love training with such a great group of people!



  7. A. 32 1/2 inches. Mentally couldn’t convince myself to jump any higher.
    B. Up to 133#
    C. 37 reps. Didn’t think I was going to make it to 95, so wasn’t set up and dropped some time changing weights.
    D. Muscle-Up Progression work – felt ok.



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