December 8th, 2015

The Winter Classic presented by OPEX Fitness is an online competition that can be completed from anywhere in the world and allows athletes to see how they stack up against the competition. Every year, the Winter Classic brings together the fitness space. OPEX EC Clients, CCP coaches and non-OPEX members compete along side one another for the right to call themselves Winter Classic Champs.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Date: Saturday, December 19th
  • Workouts: Using a 60 minute running clock, athletes will complete THREE UNKNOWN events
  • Equipment Needed: Rower, Bar & Bumper Plates, Pull Up Bar, Jump Rope, and Wall Balls

We hope that all of you guys can participate!  We will be structuring the program to prepare for this one-day event, which will lead nicely into an easier week afterward (the week of Christmas).

More details to come in the next week!


3 sets, not for time of:
8-10 Barbell Good Mornings
Push Press w/2 second hold at top + Jerk from Behind the Neck w/2-second pause in catch + Jerk; 1+1+1 x 3 (empty bar –> very light load)

A. Take 12 minutes to build to a heavy single Split Jerk

B. Power Clean Clusters; x 4; Rest 10 seconds/Rest 3 minutes

C. Every 30 seconds for 6-7 minutes:
Power Clean + Jerk (TnG for as long as possible) @moderate to heavy; build over the sets

Row 500 Meters @2k PR Pace
Rest 3 minutes
Assault Bike 90 seconds @90% effort
Rest 3 minutes
Row 500 Meters @2k PR Pace
Rest 3 minutes

– Feel it out on Split Jerk; if it’s there, take it.
– Build each set on clusters
– Rows should be same pace (faster or slower based on previous weeks’ learning); Assault Bike should be same each set as well.



  1. Adam – talked to Lisa again today and we’ll take the 3 airdynes if they are still available.

    Not much clicking in the Oly world for me today.
    A) 245 (missed 255)
    B) 185, 215, 225 (missed 4th), 230 (missed 4th)
    C) 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 190, 195 (started pausing on shoulder here before jerk), 200, 205 (split jerk), 210 (split), 215(m), 215 with push jerk after 1:00 rest
    D1) Rows: 1:50.6, 1:49.6, 1:49.6 (today’s focus was s/m at a faster rate. Certainly brought my time down but also adding 5-7 s/m is a fair share of extra work, but was able to maintain the pace at the same time. 1-1.5s faster than last week
    D2) AirDyne: No idea what 90% is for me so target started to stay above 80rpm…which certainly dropped quickly into the 70s. This machine will continue to be a learning curve for me: 37 cal, 34 cal, 30 cal
    D3) Rows: 1:50.6, 1:49.9, 1:49.6. Please after AD to maintain pace of D1. Also pleased with maintaining a consistent and faster pace than previous weeks overall



    1. Unfortunately, the bikes already sold. Some guys from a gym in Connecticut came on Saturday and got them. I would have held out for you guys, but it kind of happened without my knowledge (for better or for worse). Sorry guys!



  2. A) 285 (93%), missed 295. Legs didn’t want to drop low and speed under was hilarious today.
    B) 215, 235, 245(missed 4th), 250 (cleaner)
    C) 185 – 265 (added 10#) no pause, all push jerks
    D) Row: 1:46.0, 1:44.9, 1:44.7
    Air Dyne: 34, 36, 35 (avg 78ish RPM) – I’m with Marc, learning curve here.
    Row: 1:44.8, 1:44.8, 1:44.9
    Pushed a little more this week to see if I could still maintain. Last 2 rows were a push with 200M left. This was a better challenge this week for finding a pace and sticking it throughout. Didn’t fluctuate pace more than 1:40-1:48.



  3. A. Up to 153 (94%)
    B. 123, 133, 143, was going for 148 for my last set, but kept failing. Managed to eek out one. Trouble getting under the bar (as per usual).
    C. Up to 138. Not TNG
    500m: 2:03, 2:02.8, 2:02.3
    Cals: 19, 22, 21
    500m: 2:07.7, 2:04.9, 2:08.2.

    Yikes! Felt like I had nothing left in the tank when I got back to the rower after the bike. Target was 2:05, so I was a little fast in the first set and a little slow on the last. All in all, a solid training day. No PRs, but felt strong.



  4. A. Up to 300 (98%) — 315(xxx)
    B. 205/225/235/245
    C. 175-245
    D. Target of 1:45 on row

    Row: 1:42.7/1:42.0/1:42.8

    Bike: 30/32/32 – kept it north of 450 watts

    Row: 1:43.9/1:42.7/1:42.0

    Today destroyed my legs and crushed my soul. Tough day of training. Proud of this effort.



  5. Came in today feeling okay and expecting to grind… Ended up feeling good overall, although I do need to shore up some technical issues such as my starfish power cleans.

    A. Up to clean 265×1 285xMISS
    *jerks felt really solid today which is rare. I attribute this to the shoulder stability work we have been doing… thank Adam

    B. 205, 225, 245
    *I looked like Patrick star here.

    C. 175-230
    *touch and go reps became sloppy after 210

    D. 1:43.8, 1:43.8, 1:42
    32 cal, 27, 28
    1:42.8, 1:42.3, 1:40
    *first rows were worse than second set. Went too hard on first Assault bike but then settled in. Last three rows actually felt good….awful…but good

    Also will anyone train at 7:00pm with me tomorrow?



  6. A. 158#- this felt easy and fast! Would have liked to keep going but wanted to stick to the 12mins
    B. 125#, 145#, 150#, (failed the 3rd), 150# (failed the 4th).. Can’t get under without dropping all the way into a squat, just need more practice at heavier weights
    C. 103#-153#.. Felt great here and moved bar overhead with ease, this was a little burner though- got spicy.
    D. 2:04.1, 2:04.3, 2:02.7 // 16, 17, 17 cals // 2:05.2, 2:05.1, 2:04.7 (gross)



  7. A. 215
    Missed 225 twice. I think this is pretty unacceptable considering my strength in other movements. At this point I need as much overhead work as I can get.

    B. 205, 215, 205, 215
    Third set I attempted 225 but missed twice. So I ripped off some weight and dropped back down. I think I was a bit shaken up coming in from part A.

    C. 135-185
    Worked 7 minutes here making very small jumps in weight. None of these reps were touch and go. I took a lot of time fine tuning here.

    1:47.2, 1:47.6, 1:48.4
    23, 24, 24 cal
    1:48.7, 1:46.7, 1:47.1

    Felt fine here. Itching to get out of the gym a little bit considering the time. I set the pace boat to 1:50 and let it rip. Tried to keep the RPMs on AB over 65.



  8. A. 170 (168) – PR! Quit while I was ahead.
    B. 105/120/130/140. Cleans need work.
    C. 95-145. Cleans stilllll need work.
    D. 2:08, 2:06, 2:04
    bike: 19, 18, 19 cal – wow, leg burner
    row: 2:06, 2:08, 2:08



  9. A. #148 pretty happy with this, form needs jesus.
    B. 123-148, yeah I put the star in starfish.
    C. Got up to #135 this was not as fun
    Rows1: 2:05.1, 2:06.5, 2:05.1
    Bike: 18,19,18
    Rows2: 2:06.5, 2:05.9, 2:05.2
    This was a grind.



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