Competition Group Avatars and Direction

*Note: I’m writing this out early in the morning, so forgive me if it is a little ramble-y

After putting together data from the last two weeks, and seeing, from a broader sense, where we are as a group, we have gone ahead and put together the skeleton for our training program from now through the Open.  Over the coming weeks (and months), we plan on giving you guys a ton of analysis and insight into what we see, and how we translate that into our training.

In a general sense, we will start out by building a base of volume in aerobic work, absolute strength, and skill in both Olympic lifting and gymnastics.  This will progress into higher power work, efficiency, and finally, simulating the types of workouts you will see in the Open.

Here is a summary of (most of) the testing:

Competition Group Avatars:

Height – 5′ 9″
Weight 181#
BS – 345#
FS — 303
BS:FS — .87 (BS slight priority)
Snatch – 192#
Clean –
Jerk – 253#
Press – 164#
WCU – 267# w/BWT
Press:WCU — .61 (press is priority)
Power Clean — 245
CGBP — 242
PC:CGBP — Even
Max set of CTB pull ups – 21
MU – needs exposure
2K Row — 7:22
5K Row — 19:46

Height – 5′ 4″
Weight — 141#
BS – 226#
FS — 191#
BS:FS — .84 (good balance)
Snatch – 107#
Clean –
Jerk – 151#
Press – 95#
WCU – 173# w/BWT
Press:WCU — .54 (Press BIG priority)
Power Clean — 152
CGBP — 124
PC:CGBP — Press priority
Max set of HSPU –
Max set of CTB pull ups – 10
MU – needs basic skill work/progressions
2K Row — 8:25
5K Row — 23:09

-Gymnastic Skill/Volume work
-Pressing volume/Absolute strength
-Absolute Strength/CP Battery Work
-Overhead stability work (both Jerk and Snatch)
-Cyclical Aerobic power
-Oly Technique/efficiency
-Pacing work (Mixed Modal MAP)

General program structure for the first 5-6 weeks:

AM (Optional): Low int aerobic (mix in skill/core)
PM:Snatch (intense one week, technique next)
Back Squat (heavy triples and doubles, lower volume)
MU/Gymnastic EMOM
Upper pulling density/knee flexion density

Power Clean work (cluster,emom, low % emom) – progressive in volume
Jerk – low % emom – progressive in volume
PC x 1/SJ x 2-3 – low % – tech work one week intensive next (switch with monday snatch after a few weeks)
cyclical aerobic power
Row repeats, AD repeats, Mixed repeats
– switch the order of PC and Jerk per week

Mixed Modal MAP (maximum aerobic power)
4 x 6/8/10 minute all MWG mixed
Then moving into incremental MAP (80% 90% 100%)
after 3weeks

Thursday: off

AM(Optional): 30/30 Work (progressive in vol)
PM:Back Squat (speed work or tough double or triple, manage with monday)
CP batter work CJ or PS (EMOM, sets, or workout)
Upper Gymnastic density (EMOM or sets)
Pressing Density/postural work
*after 3-4 weeks, put upper density on Saturday, add in lactic power sets after CP work

Weakness work (alternating EMOM)
Cyclical piece @ 90%
Short rest
Grinder workout
Short rest
cyclical piece @ same as first

As for the optional AM pieces, they are just that.  If you have the ability/energy to come in and do some easy aerobic work, then great.  If not, don’t worry about it.  For Thursday rest days, we would generally recommend some kind of Z1 “around the world” work, or swimming, if that’s something you can do (since swimming will never show up in the Open, it’s not a priority in terms of skill work for this group).

The overall goal is to improve everyone’s ability to place well in the Open, while recognizing and appreciating that there is life and energy being put forth outside of the gym (ie. none of us are professionals).

Let us know if you have any questions, as I expect this to bring up a lot of discussion.  We look forward to working with you all, and getting better as a group!

-Adam & Alecia





  1. Thank you for this post. It’s always great to see what’s in the horizon. Hard focus/soft focus has always been helpful for me when working towards a goal. Really looking forward to getting started! Thank you once again to the both of you for making this group become a reality!



  2. Thank you for this! This is awesome and really thorough, like Matt said it really helps when you know the direction of the programming.



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