November 21st, 2015

*Congrats to everyone on the PR’s and all around great effort during the testing period.  I’ve put together the numbers, and will lay out for all of you the direction of the program that will start this Monday.  For today, if you are feeling beat up, please just take it easy and do something light/fun.  If you don’t have a partner for today’s workout, figure out a work:rest scheme that is appropriate for how you feel.  Again, the priority is to come in on Monday physically and mentally ready to get after it!

A. Three sets, not for time of:
2 Legless Rope Climbs (or 1 Legless + 1 regular RC)
10-15 Meter Handstand Walk
8-10 Tall Snatches w/ pause in the bottom (empty barbell)

B. In teams of two, partners will ALTERNATE TASKS to complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
4 Power Snatches (135/95 lbs)
8/6 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
12 Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)

Rest 5 minutes, then…

C. In teams of two, partners will ALTERNATE TASKS to complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
10  Shoulder to Overhead (135/95 lbs)
10 Back Squats (135/95 lbs)
10 Calorie Row

-Goal is unbroken for each movement (knowing you can rest right after as your partner works)
-If you can’t do 8 UB Chest-to-Bars, scale to 6; after that, its 4 unbroken + 2 unbroken.



  1. A) first time trying legless RCs. Made it up there but, not pretty and grip was rough. Handstand walks come and go. Right now they are gone so just put on a flop show. Tall snatches – done.

    Hit B&C with Marc:
    B) 9+12 (struggled keeping the C2B UB but, managed to hang on and get thru them)
    C) 6+12 (surprised at how slow everything was/felt. BS became pretty paced…)

    Thanks for the push, Marc and for carrying my Clydesdale ass.



  2. A) RCs felt good for first time. Need to work on a kip like always. Handstand walks went better as expected. Need to get more consistent and try and lean forward a bit more to drive my body forward.
    Snatches Done.

    B) With James- 10+4+8+5 @ 115. Felt good C2Bs got rough at the end.

    C) With James- 10+3 @ 115. Went way better than part B.



  3. A. RC felt good.
    Did 45 second handstand holds and tried to gradually work my way off the wall.
    Tall snatch felt fine. This is definitely a drill I think I should incorporate more often.

    B. Shadowed Cooper due to numbers. I finished a few pull-ups behind however many rounds he and Nic made it through. Was even on the second portion.

    Did everything at 135# and unbroken as prescribed, but definitely was a little slow through the first AMRAP. Second AMRAP felt solid and smooth.



  4. A) Legless – done
    HS walks – I’m a joke. Hit 8 “steps” a few times. Covered the distance each time, just not even borderline consistent.
    Tall snatch – done

    B) See Tom A for rounds
    All unbroken for A + B. Part A felt comfortable. B – like Tom, for some reason the back squats were just very slow and paced. Legs were feeling tired.



  5. A.
    Rope climbs and handstand walks felt good. Tall Snatches felt great, need to do more often. Great drill.

    11 round + 4+8+3. With Nic, he kicked ass. We did at 115# being both beat ups

    Second AMRAP: no idea how many rounds, maybe 9? Did it at 115 again. Shoulder to overhead felt nice.



  6. A. Complete
    Legless rope climbs went well. Gave myself about three attempts at a handstand walk for each round, just used this as an opportunity to practice. Tall snatches felt good.

    B. 10+4+8+5 @ 115
    Did this with Sean. Did my best to stay unbroken for the first half. Chest to bars are usually a great movement for me, felt very tough today.

    C) 10+3 @ 115
    This actually felt very good. I was surprised how smoothly the shoulder to overhead reps went.



  7. Couldn’t do legless rope climbs, ropes are down at Land Warrior.

    Pull-up x4 SLOW reps
    10m each time
    10 tall snatch

    B.) 5 rounds 50-60 sec/rd
    * Did this alone so I set the 10min clock and did one round every other minute.

    C.) 5 rounds 60-65 sec/rd
    *did one round every two minutes.

    Today felt good, shoulders are a little beat up but overall everything felt smooth and strong. Scaled weights to #115.



  8. A. Rope climbs, handstands and snatches were fine.
    B. 11+4+8+3 with Cooper @ 115. Could not stay unbroken on the snatches after the first round. Maintained unbroken pull-ups and box jumpovers. Despite having to do single snatches, overall it felt pretty good.
    C. 9+10+10+2 ? @ 115 Shoulder to overhead felt okay for the first few rounds and went unbroken but slowly fell apart and I began failing reps toward the end. Squats and row unbroken.



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