November 18th, 2015

*Friday will be our last day of testing; today can be used to make up any day you may have missed. Otherwise, familiarize yourself with interval MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power) work. The key to these sets is to keep consistent output for all. These are not sprints. You should NOT be slowing down in the later sets.

A. Assault Bike or AirDyne 5 Minutes @Z1 (warmup)
Bike 30 seconds @ 90% Aerobic
Bike 30 seconds @ 50% easy spin
x 20
*Rest 2 minutes between sets 10 & 11
Bike 5 minutes @ Z1 (cooldown)

B. 15 Minutes of mobility



  1. Yesterday
    A) ring dips 57 no place for mu
    Pistols 30 scaled
    Strict hspu 12
    Strict c2b 17
    L sit :25

    Emotm 18
    All sets

    Rowed. No bike at home
    :30 90%
    :30 50%
    Only time for 15 min



  2. Playing catch-up Today
    A) 1rm back squat
    -Got #215, failed at 225; my previous 1rm was 255 this summer my body just really wasn’t feeling it today.
    B) 1rm Strict Press; #83, overhead is definitely a weak point of mine
    C) max weighted pull-up, worked up to 31lbs, 156 with body weight
    (Thanks to Jake for the assurance that it was a good rep)
    D) Max C2B, got 7, was really struggling on the timing of the kip.

    Thank you to everyone for welcoming me this week! I have been having a great time getting back into training!



    1. Also for feels, kept the 90% at 409 RPM’s mostly. Little above some sets, a little below for a few seconds during sets. It was sustainable but my quads were thumping from the 2k row the day prior!



  3. Also, since ACM is always asking for feels… I kept it around 400-ish watts for the 90% aerobic sets. Thought this was challenging, but It was sustainable for all sets.

    I was pretty sore coming in to today. Not like I’ve been prison pummeled, but that we pushed pretty hard on Monday and Tuesday. Heading into our last day of testing, I’m proud of all of our efforts and I’m “feeling” really fortunate to be a part of this group (even our satellite posters!!). The past week and half has been the most fun I’ve had training in recent memory. I’m looking forward to the success of our group and of our individual efforts.



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