November 13th, 2015

*Testing Period* – Be sure to post your results (and feels) to the comments!

A. Front Squat – Build to a 1-RM

B. Max Unbroken Double Unders – Three attempts to find your max, rest 2 minutes between attempts

C. 3 Minute AMRAP of Toes to Bar, in UNBROKEN SETS OF 3

D. Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squat @3010; take 2-3 sets to find an 8-RM with each leg (stick to the tempo!)

E. Side Plank Test; goal is 90 seconds each side.

-Six sets or less (after warm-up) for the FS 1-RM
-Three legit attempts on the DUs; mulligans allowed if you trip up really early; Note best UB set
-Toes to Bar in sets of 3; MUST drop off after 3 each time
-RFESS – Bench should be just below the back of the knee, take two steps then plant top of back foot on the bench; 3-second lowering, no pause at the top or bottom.
-Side Plank is on elbow and foot, if you hit 90 seconds stop; if you fail before that, note the time.



  1. A) 320 (15# PR)
    B) 47 – such a battle for me
    C) 45
    D) 40# DB in each hand – these were spicey and I’m not positive my tempo was exactly on point…
    E) :67 on right side, :64 on left side.



  2. A. 290# (5# PR)
    B. 207 (100 more than my previous best, my head started to hurt)
    C. 54 (this felt good! Just quick, consistent sets of 3)
    D. 50#, these hurt the foot on the bench. I’m a wuss.
    E. Done. 90 seconds on both sides. Second side hurt!



  3. A. 255 – 45 pounds off my PR. This was just terrible planning on my part and resulted in me being butthurt for the remainder of my training.
    B. 69 – I gave 2 attempts with Cooper’s rope and the length didn’t really fit well for me. Gave another attempt on the ghetto rope and got 69.
    C. 54
    D. 24kg
    E. Complete. I did them in the corner hidden behind the rowers. Hehe.

    I feel like I need to give parts A and B another go.



  4. A. 275 (20# pr) – felt pretty good today
    B. 22 – keep hitting my feet. smh
    C. 66 – form started to break down around 50
    D. 50# dbs
    E. Complete



  5. A. 190 (15# pr) – thanks to Emma for pushing me past 185 when I thought i was done
    B. 86
    C. 36 (may have lost count but prob not to far off
    D. 25# – had trouble balancing, I think I did these once before in 2013
    E. Completed – felt bad but not horrible

    Had a fun time tonight! I also did the performance WOD right before this.



  6. Didn’t do everything. Just trying to make up the important stuff.

    A) 265 10lb PR (Felt good, missed 270 but should of been able to do more. Need to keep my knees out and chest up)
    B)57 (Need to keep my hands closer together and just overall loosen up, I’m too tense.)



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